Lessons from Abstract.

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Lessons from Abstract.

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Abstract is a Netflix documentary series that showcases the work and process of different designers in various fields. One of the episodes features Christoph Niemann, a renowned illustrator who creates covers for The New Yorker, sketches for Instagram, and virtual reality artworks. In this article, we will explore some of the lessons that Niemann shares in the episode and how they can help aspiring illustrators improve their craft.


Illustration is a powerful form of communication that can convey complex ideas and emotions in simple and creative ways. By watching Abstract: The Art of Design, we can learn from Christoph Niemann how to use abstraction and interactivity to create illustrations that capture the attention and imagination of the audience.




Q. What is abstraction in illustration?

A. Abstraction is the process of simplifying or distorting an image or an idea to emphasize its essence or meaning.


Q. What is interactivity in illustration?

A. Interactivity is the quality of an illustration that invites or requires the participation of the viewer to complete or enhance its message.


Q. How can I watch Abstract: The Art of Design?

A. You can watch Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix with a paid subscription.


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