The bases of the campus!

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The bases of the campus!

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The bases of the campus are the main areas where students and visitors can find various facilities, services and activities. They are divided into four categories: academic, residential, recreational and cultural.


Academic bases are where the classrooms, libraries, laboratories and offices are located. They provide the necessary resources and support for learning and research. Some examples of academic bases are the Science Center, the Humanities Building and the Business School.


Residential bases are where the dormitories, cafeterias, laundry rooms and common areas are located. They provide comfortable and convenient living spaces for students who stay on campus. Some examples of residential bases are the North Hall, the South Hall and the East Hall.


Recreational bases are where the sports fields, gyms, pools and clubs are located. They provide opportunities for physical exercise, social interaction and fun. Some examples of recreational bases are the Stadium, the Fitness Center and the Student Union.


Cultural bases are where the museums, theaters, galleries and festivals are located. They provide venues for artistic expression, appreciation and celebration. Some examples of cultural bases are the Art Museum, the Performing Arts Center and the Spring Festival.




The bases of the campus are designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of students and visitors. They offer a variety of facilities, services and activities that enhance the academic, residential, recreational and cultural aspects of campus life.




Q: How can I find out more about the bases of the campus?

A: You can visit the campus website or download the campus app for more information.


Q: How can I access the bases of the campus?

A: You can use your student ID card or a visitor pass to enter the bases of the campus.


Q: How can I get around the bases of the campus?

A: You can walk, bike or take the campus shuttle to get around the bases of the campus.

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